Friday, June 11, 2010

Brides of the Arab World: Comoros and Djibouti


Sahari na Subaiya
One of the earliest outfits worn specifically for Comoran weddings, the "sahari na soubaiya" consists of two rectangular pieces of striped cotton edged in trim. One piece is tied around the body; the other is draped over the head. The most impressive part of the costume, however, is not shown: Comoran brides are typically adorned in extravagant gold jewelry, including a very heavy necklace.
The Union of Comoros is but three small islands with a population of about 650,000, yet not only do wedding traditions vary within the archipelago, they also vary from one part of an island to another. the festivities known as the 'grand mariage' are emblematic of the country. Lasting anywhere from nine days to several weeks or longer, they attract guests from throughout the island. There are no invitations, everyone is welcome to feast and celebrate. these events-- which often cost the equivalent of several years salary-- give the groom a social status (mdrumdzima) that allows him to take his place among the local notables.


Somali Direh
The Afars and Somalis are the leading ethnic groups in Djibouti. The "direh" is worn by Somalis on numerous occasions, including weddings. It consists of a long, billowing dress made of chiffon or other light fabric that is worn over a long petticoat or slip. The outfit, which comes in many different colors, is completed with a matching headscarf.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ! Braavo !

    But I would like to criticize ; the first dress of comoros "sahari na subaia" is the official cultural dress of somali women , it is called "Guntiino".You can use google to check what I said .Maybe, as Comoros is near to Somalia,the Horn of Africa , there is a cultural somali influences . It is amazing because beyond others cultures in Comoros ,as indonesian ,malgashe, arabic, sawahili etc... the Comoros kept the Somali Dress . Very Interesting subject in order to find how and why ? bye thanks